Karatay's historical habitation dates back to the prehistoric period. Architecture in Karatay is reminiscent of the Seljuk, Karamanid, and Ottoman eras. Mevlana Museum, located in Karatay, one of our national and worldwide historical, cultural, and tourism treasures, attracts around 1 million 300,000 local and foreign tourists each year. Cultural assets in the district include the Karatay Tile Works Museum, Kemaliye Madrasah, Şemsi Tebrizi Tomb, Koyunoğlu Museum, Sultan Selim Mosque, Şerafettin Mosque, Yusufağa Library, and Mevlana Cultural Center.

Although the Karatay district was established as a district after Konya became a metropolitan city, it is one of the city's oldest...

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