Hidden Paradise Meram

“Bağ-ı Meram”, located in the southwestern area of Konya, will attract you with its serene environment. Meram district, located in the center and intersected by five major routes, namely Ankara-Konya, Isparta-Konya, Antalya-Konya, Mersin-Konya, and Adana-Konya, highlights Konya's pastoral element with its natural charms. Evliya Çelebi mentions Meram in his Travel Book as in the following: "Peçevi City's Baruthane Promenade, Crimea's Sudak Vineyard, Istanbul's more than one hundred and seventy-five gardens and rose gardens, Tabriz's Shah-i Cihan Vineyard are not even a grassplot compared to Konya's Meram Promenade.” 


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