Land of Saints and Sages, Taşkent

Taşkent is located at the southernmost tip of the province, in the Taşeli part of the Central Taurus Mountains, within the Göksu Basin, on a mountainous and rocky area. The name of the settlement, which was called Pirlerkondu in history, was changed in 1934 during the time of Konya Governor İsmail İzzet Bey and transformed into Taşkent. Today, Taşkent District consists of 9 settlements including Afşar, Balcılar, Bolay, Çetmi, Ilıcapınar, Keçimen, Kongul and Sazak.

The excavations and surveys have shown that Taşkent is an old village, with remains and discoveries going back to the Hittite and Roman periods....

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