The mountainous areas in Konya, which is generally composed of plateaus, starts with the Taurus Mountains to the south. Bozdaglar is located to the north; Sultan Mountains, Erenler Mountain, Alacadağ, Ali Mountain, Kupe Mountain, Eğriburun and Karaçal Mountains are located to the west. Bozdağ at 50 km from the city center, Loras Mountain and Takkeli Mountains close to the center are important mountainous areas.

Since it is a closed basin, it has few important streams. Among them are Çarşamba, İvriz, İnsu, Divle, Uluçay, Balkı Takke, Argıthanı. The areas Köprü, Beşgöz, Büyük, Gökpınar, Hacı Musa, Tuzla streams are located benefit from...

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