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Mankind sometimes takes the road of life with his companion, sometimes alone. All the steps he takes in his journey of life is returned to himself as experience and gain for his being. "My City" Konya offers unique a range of experiences with the pioneer of the Sufi tradition Mevlana, Çatalhöyük enlightening the historic periods, cultural and natural heritage recognized by UNESCO, Nasreddin Hodja, whose life has inspired all with laughter for decades.

Konya Destinations

The journey of life taken by mankind without interruption for years is not measured by kilometers but memories. With each destination arrived and each route taken on this earth, mankind acquires something new on the concept of "time". That's why travelling to the lands of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, taking that famous caravanserai route which hosted a range of merchants and travellers on the stage of history means man's rediscovery of himself and life at the same time - in "My City" Konya.

48 Hours and Routes in Konya

Unique routes to experience Konya and Konya in 48 hours.

Konya Illustrations

We have compiled the illustrations of our distinguished city for those who wish to know all the details of the city of Konya, which offers an experience that will leave deep traces in the minds of all its guests with the historical and natural heritages that its fertile lands offer us, and the advice of Nasreddin Hodja.

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